The Financial Crime Advisory team of PwC Czech Republic announced today that it has entered into a cooperation agreement with the global financial crimes technology solutions provider EastNets.

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The partnership will benefit organisations by providing high-value professional services combined with EastNets’ compliance technology platforms around financial crime detection. As a result, they will respond to the increasing surveillance and monitoring expectations of their regulators, correspondents and create value for their shareholders.

The PwC Financial Crime Advisory team and EastNets will collaborate to help clients with:

  • Implementation of tailored financial crime technology and its optimisation and testing
  • Advanced analytics services to decrease the level of false positives but maintain the high level of effectiveness of the monitoring
  • Design of a best practice governance framework around financial crimes technology

"Our EMEA (and global) clients have an increased demand for specialised professional services focused on technology and analytics for financial crime detection" says Liviu Chirita, Director in PwC's Financial Crime Advisory team. "Our partnership with EastNets crosses geographies and will provide organisations with optimised and highly effective solutions to fight financial crimes, specifically addressing their risk profiles, supporting responding to increased demands from regulators and correspondent institutions."

 “The complexities of regulations driven by changing financial crime techniques demand a new approach to Risk Management,” says Hazem Mulhim, EastNets’ CEO. “With over 850 implementations of anti-financial crime solutions globally, EastNets understands the uniqueness of each customer’s operational framework and how technology fits into it. PwC has extensive knowledge of AML and CTF industry practices and regulations. The cumulative knowledge of our specialists through this partnership will provide financial institutions with the right set of tools helping them to mitigate risks and achieve synergy and seamless operations.”  

About PwC Financial Crime Advisory

PwC’s Financial Crime Advisory team comprises subject matter experts in fighting financial crime (e.g. money laundering, sanctions, fraud, bribery and corruption, tax evasion) and financial crime technology experts, application developers, and data analytics professionals. Let our experts help you fight financial crimes! See PwC services in financial crime advisory or get in touch with us directly in our contact form!

About EastNets

EastNets® is a leading global provider of compliance and payment solutions for the financial services sector. Over the past 35 years, EastNets has established its distinctive expertise developing and implementing standardised and individual solutions for the fight against financial crimes, as well as those for risk management, monitoring, analysis, reporting, and state-of-the-art consultancy and customer support.