End of the state of emergency in the Czech Republic. What can foreigners expect?

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The state of emergency in the Czech Republic ended on 17 May 2020. Many foreigners and their employers associated this date with great expectations regarding the reduction of restrictions on entry and travel to the Czech Republic. However, these expectations have not been fulfilled. Significant restrictions continue to apply to the Czech Republic and possibility to enter the country is only allowed to strictly defined groups of foreigners. Entry remains prohibited for foreigners, except for EU citizens, who intend to come for short-term tourist or business purposes.

Czech embassies in certain countries are opening their gates to certain types of applications from foreigners. The current list of open embassies can be found here.  

The end of the state of emergency will also affect the stay of foreigners already in the territory. There is a significant group of foreigners in the Czech Republic, whose visa or residence permit expired during or after an emergency without possibility to be extended. These foreigners can leave the Czech Republic without penalty until 16 July 2020.

Foreigners with an employee card who lost their job less than 60 days before or during the state of emergency will not lose their employee card. They have 60 days from the end of the emergency to find a new job and announce a change of employer.

Detailed information can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior in the section Foreigners.

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Jana Zelová, Daniela Murad
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