Corporate and Personal Income Tax – The extension of the due date for submission of tax returns and settlement of taxes for certain taxpayers by 18 August 2020

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The Ministry of Finance has extended the Tax Liberation Package with further measures in the form of a waiver for tax, penalties and administrative fees due to the state of emergency (Financial Report 9/2020).

For corporate and personal income tax, a waiver of penalties for failure to submit a tax return (the penalty for late submission of a tax return) and late payment of tax (late payment interest) for the 2019 calendar year is applicable if the tax return is submitted and the tax liability is settled by 18 August 2020.

Under this waiver, it is actually penalty-free to submit a tax return and settle taxes by 18 August 2019 at the latest.  This grace period was chosen taking into account Section 21 of the Act on Certain Measures to Mitigate the Impacts of the SARS-CoV-2 Epidemic.

Taxpayers under the purview of the Specialized Tax Office are excluded from this general waiver. If these taxpayers meet the criteria for extending the due date to submit a tax return, they may apply for an extension of the due date by individual request.***

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