IN DETAILS: To Slovakia without formalities from 4 June 2020

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The governments of both countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have agreed to allow free entry into their territories without restrictions as from today (4 June 2020). This means that Covid-19 tests will not be required when entering border crossings between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, no mandatory quarantine will be ordered, and a 48-hour stay limit will not apply.

For many citizens of these countries, this means that they can return home or visit their relatives after long months, without fear of any administrative burdens. It is also a great relief for people living at the border who commute daily to work to the other side of border.


Is the free regime at the Czech-Slovak borders for everyone?

In both countries, the release applies to the citizens of the Czech Republic and Slovakia during the crossing of the Czech-Slovak borders without further ado.

Regarding foreigners, please be aware that the free regime does not apply automatically. Only certain categories of foreigners may enjoy. The Czech Republic applies stricter criteria than Slovakia.

Free entry without formalities when crossing the Czech-Slovak border is allowed by the Czech Republic only to EU citizens who hold certificate of temporary or permanent residence in Slovakia. Foreigners from countries outside of the EU enjoy the free regime when entering the Czech Republic only if they hold the status of a long-term resident of the EU issued to them by Slovakia.

Slovakia applies much looser rules for foreigners who are entering Slovakia via Czech-Slovak borders. The new regime without restrictions can be enjoyed by anybody who has permanent and temporary residence in both countries, or even persons who just reside at the territory of one of the states and are able to prove it (lease agreement, employment contract, health insurance card, etc.)

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Daniela Murad
PwC | Global Visa Solutions