An expert in data analysis, that’s a dream of many recruiters, and the knowledge of this field should be a student’s goal. The thing is, those who know this field well will have plenty of job opportunities in the next few years. Hundreds of data analyst jobs can be found across various recruitment portals. Within already the second discipline at the Prague University of Economics and Business, PwC specialists will be dedicated to familiarising students with how the practical experience in data analytics works.

Consulting 2.0
The discipline “Data Strategy” will be taught at the Prague University of Economics and Business within a minor specialisation named NextGen Consulting. The university connected teaching this discipline fully with the experts from the field who have elaborated lecture cycles for the students while adding their own experience, tips and observations. And claiming that data simply belongs to the future (as well as the present), that’s something PwC agrees with entirely. “Recently, the word ‘data’ can be heard in various contexts - whether this involves data acquisition, security or analysis. Data becomes a very precious asset with a huge value with respect to planning and decision-making. Within the Data Strategy course, we wish to focus on this issue and prepare our students for their professional career where data constitutes an integral part of everyday work - from the operative point of view through to the executive work across the entire organisation,” explains Tomáš Náhlovský, PwC expert in data automation who will take part in teaching the newly accredited discipline.

Field for IT experts, statisticians and marketing specialists
Who is the study of data analytics suitable for? It’s definitely not only for IT experts who would create models using big data. These days, data analysis is strongly associated with fields such as statistical reporting, economics or even marketing, where the ability to understand the audience becomes an increasingly powerful principle. Did you think that most of these fields were boring? Data analysts would definitely disagree with you. There are numerous reasons why to understand big data and searching for a story among the amount of data is associated even with necessary creativity and ability to look at things from another perspective. Luckily, the specialisation is available to students of all faculties of the Prague University of Economics and Business interested in data, but mainly in the future career in consulting or the possibility of having their own business.

What can you expect from “Data Strategy”?
“We have organised the course in such a way that covers the entire life cycle of data all the way from data acquisition, processing to data interpreting. Students will gain practical skills based on real cases which they will process themselves during the course of the semester,”Are you interested in finding out more or in learning which disciplines can you look forward to when studying the NextGen Consulting? Check out the web of the Prague University of Economics and Business.