Did you miss our event PwC Cloud Security-Con? Watch the recorded broadcast.  The PwC conference dedicated to the security of cloud services was held in mid-November, however, cloud data security is something we need to think of constantly.
It is precisely cloud technology which has gained in popularity over the last few years; even more so due to the massive transfer of employees to the working-from-home regime.

Which topics did we discuss?

  • Secure operation of cloud services within an organisation (cloud governance)
  • Current trends in cloud security
  • Securing cloud infrastructure and safe adoption of cloud applications
  • Management of identities and approaches using Microsoft Azure
  • Threat management and cloud infrastructure monitoring
  • Use of advanced security tools in AWS
  • Protection and privacy in Microsoft 365
  • Container use and security


The following colleagues had presentations at the conference:

  • Martin Zbořil, Cloud Security Senior Consultant, PwC
  • Karel Nohejl, Cloud Security Lead, PwC
  • Simona Buchovecká, Threat Management Lead, PwC
  • Lukáš Pavka, PAM Lead, PwC
  • Roman Barchánek, Infrastructure Security Lead, PwC
  • Petr Šimsa, Privacy Senior Consultant, PwC