Our internships are frequented by both Czechs and foreigners. This time our colleagues from consulting mentored Alena Kletecka. In spite of what the name suggests, she is from Austria studying at Vienna University of Economics and Business there. Alena, who finished her first year of CEMS studies at the University of Economics in Prague, likes sports - mountain biking, via ferratas, snowboarding and says that she enjoys any sports related to Austrian mountains. 

Why did she choose an internship at PwC, and what knowledge and surprises will she never forget?

Why did you choose an internship at PwC? 

After an incredible exchange term, I was so in love with the city and the people that I decided to extend my stay here in Prague. Eager to apply my new professional expertise on real business tasks, I applied to PwC, a company I already worked on a business project during the semester and a dream (employer) for every business student.

In which team did you spend your internship and what projects did you work on?  

Since I am passionate about sustainability, the department of Regulatory Consulting, dealing with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) implementation and sustainable finance, was the perfect match. I could attain practical insights, as well as expand my consulting skills which will be valuable in my future career. I got the chance to use my communication and interpersonal skills as I was involved in several projects and participated in client meetings and workshops.

What is the best part of being a PwC summer intern in Prague? 

Due to the welcoming and pleasant environment, I felt included in the team, who called me “Alenko”, from the very first day. I enjoyed team breakfasts, coffee breaks, lunches and after-work events with my colleagues. I appreciated being exposed to interdisciplinary challenges in an international context, even though a consultant's day can be stressful sometimes as you need to meet deadlines, research and deliver content.

What was the most surprising thing?

How important and centred sustainability is: It  is a topic of new and growing importance. I was surprised to see that PwC is already dealing with it extensively, not just talking about the energy efficient office building with a tree in the foyer, but also with regards to projects and business development.